I’m done with social media. Finished. I’ve changed my settings on the fucking thing to reach just me closest friends and family in a pinch if I need to. Then there is the public setting which I will use sparingly.

It hit me like a hammer today.

Here is what I noticed.

Wake up in the morning. Brain feels charged from a good nights sleep.

Have a coffee, turn on Social Media. What a mistake.
My brain is dead instantly.
I can’t find any words to write. “There is nothing on my mind, I can only feel. Angry.”

Any thoughts to share? None.

It’s all caught up in this wildfire of bullshit.  Instant mental death.  So no longer thinking. Barely able to construct a sentence. Treading water in a very choppy sea. Looking for a lifeline it occured to me what’s different than five minutes ago?

Ah yes. Social media. Dear social medira, this is how you make me feel. Worse than when I used to turn on the news. ”

I now feel like I used to after turning on the news. Except worse.

Who the fuck is this person ranting on my wall?

Or this other idiot telling me I look stoned in my picture?  Really,  you fool.

Yes to personal mental freedom and no to social media every chance I get now my friends.

I feel you overi there. That’s why I am over here.

I will not participate in a witch hunt.

The conversation at the “21st Centuries Water Cooler” is constipated.

Bunged up.

No interest in the US election. Interest in the truest sense of the word.

Why would I?

Why would I invest any thought or emotion into who wins the election? I have no vote in that country. No interest. Look at Lebanon .. who is their neighbor? Bashar Al Assad.

Please. Spare me. Is that what you want?   Bashar al a Fucking Assad as yoour neighbor. This kind of leadership is born from the soil.
“Are we ready for another revolution because all this shit talking is taking us there.” 

It went no different anywhere else. They get the media they got us. The country now actually thinks it is at war with itself , so it is.

The Ku Klux Klan won the Oval office. My lord. I can’t take it anymore. Why DO that Lan get so much press anyway?

I’m done with social media.. . as I have been done with corporate network news media for many years. It’s become something else entirely than when I signed up for it. People I don’t know contradicting my views like they were my Mother who is is the only person on earth allowed to simply disagree with me AND SAY SO. Everyone else can just fuck off.

You don’t like it shut the fuck up.  Find the door.

I’ve changed the settings to reach a public audience for stuff in general  and to reach my closest friends and family with any announcements. You read this far I give a shit.

Two of three main items I wanted to see movement are being moved on. One Is not part of the conversation at all.

The HRM  is adopting some measures to encourage affordable housing growth, in fact Jacob Ritchie referred to them as mandatory. Maybe he meant in the plan? The charter changes we hope no one deamalgates the HRM over. Dartmouth won’t come out the winner in that. Unless Dartmouth gets another councillor.

If developers want to take advantage of density bonusing incentives here then affordable housing , 15% , is mandatory.  Gives the Province the abilty to have some, an tiny amount but still some rent control. Which  is better than none and better than rent control. Which is a failure. So is fully subsidized public housing. It hung itself. We’ve been living with corpse for twenty years.


The Dartmouth Ferry Terminal will have “Welcome to Dartmouth” signs on them for tourists and people coming home from work. That closes the case for me. It’s been noted.